Watercolors in Photoshop

A couple of years ago I took the Creative Live class with Jack Davis on how to paint with Photoshop.  I’ve watched the videos a couple of times and each time I’ve made a commitment to sit down and practice the various techniques until I’ve learned them and can do them without breaking out the videos again…

Well.. I’ve not reached that point yet.  Last week I got the videos out once again.  Only this time I wrote down some notes of the different techniques that I wanted to remember.  One of those techniques was the painting with a Pattern Stamp brush.  The WOW collection that I purchased included several custom pattern stamp brushes for watercolor, chalk, and oil.  I decided to try the technique following the video steps for a watercolor.

Here is my first attempt.  Not too bad.  Hope to get better and more painterly as I refine my technique. These are NOT filters or actions.  You must actually paint the brush strokes just like a real watercolor, you just use the colored pixels from the original photograph as your reference image.

The original and the watercolor.

paint_Wimberley Market Days_2489 paint_Wimberley Market Days_2489-2

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