West Coast of Oahu

Another image of the west coast of Oahu captured on a day in between the storms.

Kaena Pt West_6420

And for my Lightroom enthusiast, below is the image of the “before” that came out of the camera.  Opening up the shadows, reducing sky highlights and a bit of dodging in key locations gives a whole different view of the photo.

I also used my “sunshine brush” that is a preset I built to apply to landscapes.  The settings in the brush panel are Temp +10; Exposure +20; and Highlights +25, Feather 30, Flow 70 and Density 100 if you want to build your own “sunshine brush”…   You can also add a little clarity to the setting for rocks and buildings and you might want to add in a little (+10 or so) on the shadows depending on what you want to paint.

I actually have two sunshine brushes… a soft one (sunlight) and a hard one (sunshine – hard).  Here are my settings for the hard sunshine brush.    Temp +15; Highlights +20; Shadows +15; Clarity +20; Saturation +10; Flow 70 and Density 100 – Save as a new preset brush.  Just play with the sliders until you get something you like.

The sunlight brush can be used on anything to warm up the tone and lighten an area just a bit.  I use it a lot in my post processing.


Kaena Pt West_6420-2

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