What You Lookin’ At!

When I go to the zoo I often think about what the animals might say if they could talk.  Sometimes, the expression on their faces, or their actions, tells more than the lack of words.  I especially like to watch the gorillas.

We have a large silver-back at our zoo… he and his mate have a really nice outdoor space with a “people observatory” right in front of him.  You can watch his eyes sometimes and almost feel what he’s thinking… as he sits and looks at all those crazy people on the other side of the glass.

I took these images a couple of weeks ago…  unfortunately, none of the gorilla.  Just moments after I arrived, he got up, slowly turned his back to the glass and sat down.  It was almost as he defiantly refused to face the glass so anyone else could stick a  camera or flash in his face!

So I moved on to see if any of the other critters were willing to pose.  Here are a couple of shots.. all hand-held (didn’t want to mess with the tripod today)…

I put a caption on each… sort of my impression of their potential response… just short of “So.. What you lookin’ at!”

"Would ya keep it down please! I'm tryin' to sleep"
"If you don't mind... I was having my dinner..."
"If I ignore 'em, maybe they'll leave!"
"I told you.. I'm not turning around for a picture!"