Why You Should Shoot RAW

Our first week in Hawaii was a bit of a disappointment from a photography perspective as it was overcast and rained for the first 7 days we were there.  But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.  One afternoon between storms we drove to the windward side of the island.  I was able to get a few images during those rare moments when the sun would break out for just a few seconds between the clouds.  I was also able to recreate those moments in Lightroom because I capture my images RAW.  Here is an example of an image as it came out of my Nikon D750 unprocessed.

1East Oahu_6577-2

And here is that same image with Lightroom adjustments.  No Photoshop here… just Lightroom.  I was able to open shadows, tame highlights, brighten the areas where the sun had been on the mountain ridges and generally end up with a beautiful image in spite of the fact that the weather was generally uncooperative this week.   If I had captured this image as a jpeg, my camera would have tossed out 70% or more of the pixel data and I would never have been able to create this finished image.

1East Oahu_6577

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