Yagua Indians

Saturday – April 2, 2011 – Yagua Indian Tribe

We visited the Yagua Indian tribe today.  This native people continue with their traditions of dress, ceremony and survival just like their ancestors did.  The children have very nontraditional pets and the village life is simple and peaceful.   The children do attend school and obtain a formal education.  Teachers are imported to the area or the children take boats to school.  http://www.amazon-indians.org/page17.html

By Dan James Pantone, Ph.D.  Of all the indigenous tribes that inhabit the Peruvian Amazon, the Yaguas are perhaps the most characteristic tribe of the region.  In fact, it was the Yaguas who gave the Amazon its name.  According to legend when the Spaniards first came to the Amazon, they saw the Yaguas with their blowguns through the trees wearing “grass skirts” and thought they were women.  Subsequently, they named the Amazon River after the Greek myth of the Amazon women warriors.

The tribe demonstrated their ceremonial dances; some of our team participated with them.  We also had a demonstration of the blowguns by three of the native men.  Paul explained how the darts are made; cotton on the back to help it slid through the blowgun barrel and the darts are sharpened with piranha teeth.

I took lots of images of the children.  They were all so cute, I couldn’t decide what to edit out.

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